My favorite spots in NYC

I travel a lot so my friends usually come to me when they are planning to go on a trip somewhere to get tips, good spots, nice restaurants…

I always take the time to make the perfect list but I never remember who asked for it when someone else comes to me. I decided to finally write it somewhere it will stay.

I am not saying those places are the best ones, I know it’s very subjective and I might change my mind at some point. But here are my current favorite places in New York City:

My favorite vegan restaurants:

  • Le Botanise (833 Lexington Avenue) Plant-based restaurant
  • Hangawi (12 E 32nd St) Vegan Korean

Other restaurants in Manhattan:

  • Kiki’s (130 Division St)  Greek
  • 15 East (15 E 15th) Japanese

Other restaurants in Brooklyn:

  • Hummus market (361 Graham Avenue) Lebanese
  • Bliss café (191 Bedford Avenue) Vegan

For a brunch in Brooklyn :

  • House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Avenue)

For a cocktail:

  • Berimbau do Brasil (43 Carmine St) For a Batida de Coco
  • Sant Ambroeus (265 Lafayette St) For a Bloody Mary

For a coffee:

  • OST café (441 E 12th Street)

For a hot chocolate:

  • Caravan of Dreams (405 E 6th St) 

To go out in Manhattan:

  • Paul’s Baby Ground (2 6th Avenue)
  • Paul’s Casablanca (305 Spring St)
  • Flash Factory (229 W 28th St)
  • The Blond (11 Howard St)

To go out in Brooklyn:

  • House of Yes (2 Wyckoff avenue)
  • Members Only (67 Ingraham)
  • Output (74 Wythe Avenue)

For a bit of shopping:

  • Beacon’s closet (10 W 13th St)
  • L Train Vintage (204 1st Avenue)
  • Dressing Room Bar & Boutique ( 75 Orchard st) Probably because they serve alcohol

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